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factory price 3004 aluminum plate from China professional manufacturer

  • Product: 3004 aluminum plate
  • Loading Port: Tianjin/Qingdao, China
  • Sample: A4 Sized
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/P,T/T
  • Delivery time: Within 15-30 Days
  • Application: interior decoration beverage cans

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Product Detail

3004 aluminum alloy series is aluminum-manganese, The manganese content of 3004 and 3104 is added to 1%, the strength of the alloy is higher than 3003, so the formability, welding and corrosion resistance are good. it has many applications, such as kitchen utensils, food and chemical products processing and storage device, also suitable for building materials, various lighting components, interior decoration, beverage cans, road marks, color painted aluminum, roof board and door board and etc,.

3000 series 3004 aluminum alloy plates specification
Thickness:6 mm -600mm
Width:30 mm-2600 mm
Length: as customer required
Temper:O temper,H12,H14 H16,H18,H19

The Application of 3004 alloy aluminium plates
It is widely used in decoration, packaging, printing, construction, transportation, electronic, aviation, spaceflight, weapons all walks of life, such as aluminum used in aircraft skin, fuselage frame girders, rotor, propeller, fuel tank, wall plate and the landing gear strut, and the rockets forging ring, spacecraft wall plate, etc.

Welding analysis of 3004 aluminum sheet
The 3004, AL - Mn alloy, is one of the most widely used anti-rust aluminum, this alloy is not high strength, slightly higher than that of industrial pure aluminum, and can not use the heat treatment to make it more strengthen, only the cold working can improve its mechanical properties: in annealing state has high plasticity, in a cold work hardening plasticity is good, when the cold work hardening plasticity is low, good corrosion resistance, good weld-ability, cutting performance is bad. Used for processing need good form-ability, high solder-ability good resistance to corrosion of parts, components, or both require these performance and needs to have more than 1 XXX alloy high strength work, such as kitchen utensils and appliances, food and chemical products processing and storage device, transport liquid product tank, tank, with thin plate processing all kinds of pressure vessel and pipeline.
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